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The WNYLE Institute creates the first team of Avatar instructors in Entrepreneurship Education

The Finland-based WNYLE Institute has made a landmark achievement in education. It has become the first educational institution in the world to design and form the first team of entrepreneurship instructor avatars. It's about Kaida, Fintan and Zeki.

The Director of the WNYLE Institute, Dr. Victor Perez, has expressed his excitement about this news: "We are very proud to be the first institution to generate this unique learning experience. We believe that avatars are a powerful tool to accelerate the experience of entrepreneurial learning".

Dr. Perez also highlighted the role of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in entrepreneurship education: "AI is rapidly transforming the world around us, which is why we believe that entrepreneurship education must be at the forefront in the application of these technologies. The addition of our entrepreneurship instructor avatars is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in terms of accelerating entrepreneurial success supported by artificial intelligence and neuroscience technologies."

This innovation places the WNYLE Institute in the leadership in the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the teaching of entrepreneurship.

Meet in this clip the team of WNYLE Institute instructor avatars: Kaida, Zeki and Fintan

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